Delta Building Control System is designed and implemented in accordance with the BACnet communication protocol. We provide a wide assortment of BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) certified products designed for intelligent building monitoring, including B-AWS, B-OWS, B-OD, B-BC, B-AAC, B-ASC, etc. Depending on the demands from real building control applications, Delta can offer a diverse product range to achieve control requirements, for Management Layer, Integration Layer, Field Control Layer and Sensor/Actuator Layer.

Management Layer:
The BACsoft monitoring software comprises the Management Layer to allow users to remotely control, on a central monitor, all building facilities connected through BACnet.

Integration Layer:
The Integration Layer utilizes the WC and GC Series products. These are 32-bit microprocessors, which are BACnet-compatible, high-performance, global network-integrated and mainly used to coordinate, connect and manage the operations of the DAC/DSC programmable controller groups of the on-site control layer on same network.

Field Control Layer:
The Field Control Layer is established using the DAC and DSC Series products. These are 32-bit high-performance, programmable controllers, mainly used to control electronic, electrical and mechanical equipments of building. The DAC and DSC offer many different numbers of I/O points.

Sensor/Actuator Layer:
The Sensor/Actuator Layer is populated with the sensor and actuator products. These sensors measure onsite physical variables and carry out designated operations.