The conference room energy saving module operates with a scheduling function to ensure the timely operation of indoor lighting, air-conditioning, and projection for efficient energy management.

Humanized management is emphasized in the automatic control of the module. After a conference is over, the PIR or other motion sensors will detect if there are still people in the room and send the results to the system. If the room is vacant for a while, the indoor lighting, air-conditioning, and projection will shut down automatically for efficient energy control and management. This function can ensure that indoor lighting, air-conditioning, and projection are always in control even when a conference adjourns early or late. Apart from maximizing energy savings, it optimizes conference quality.

Comfortable air-conditioning that ensures the most comfortable temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration is a feature of the conference room energy saving module.

Office buildings, banks, government offices, and school auditoriums.


Real Time Monitoring – Conference Room

Conference Room Module shows environment

Real Time Monitoring – Private Office

Private Office Module shows environment information and self-managed control data in a private office.