The office energy saving module maintains comfortable temperature and humidity as well as adequate lighting and fresh air to enhance office work efficiency and increase productivity.

To cope with constant spatial changes for the functional demands of offices, the office energy saving module operates with wireless sensors to detect real-time environmental information for the Delta BEMS. The intelligent algorithm logic of the module assesses the thermal sensation of people in the environment in terms of comfort parameters, such as temperature and humidity (both indoor and outdoor), clothing, CO2 concentration, wind speed, and sets the target temperature as a reference for automatic a/c adjustment to optimize office energy management.

The automatic occupancy monitoring system can also activate the air-conditioning and lighting of specific areas to prevent negligence and reduce waste due to human error.


Real Time Monitoring – Open Office

Open Office Module shows environment information and self-managed control data in an open office.

Real Time Monitoring – Environment

Environment Module shows building’s environment control result.