The AHU Energy Saving Module of the Delta BEMS is an expert system for saving energy while ensuring human health and environmental protection by integrating apparent temperature sensing. Besides saving energy, it ensures indoor air quality and apparent temperature at the same time by automatically adjusting the temperature setting and air inlet of the air-conditioning system. This improves indoor air quality using the most efficient energy management.

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The Zigbee wireless solution supports convenient monitoring and control. The RS485 Gateway allows users to send detection data to the central monitoring system.
Supports multiple FCU connection.
With the built-in advanced control logic, the wireless sensor ensures comfortable apparent temperature and energy saving control.
Operates with motion sensors to turn off FCUs or adjust temperature when there is no one in the environment, to maximize energy saving efficiency.
Supports remote return air temperature adjustment and energy saving mode selection from Delta the BEMS to maximize energy savings and minimize management manpower.

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Malls, hospitals, public spaces, factory buildings, office buildings, school buildings, government buildings, and more.