By installing all types of energy meters and database management tools, the Energy Online Monitoring System from Delta Electronics provides real-time and historical energy data display, data analysis reports, device management, system monitoring, and other functions for enterprises to effectively capture internal energy information. Apart from energy consumption monitoring, the Energy Online Monitoring System allows users to establish energy baselines and trace energy saving performance to help enterprises control and manage energy use.

Supports open communication protocols (KNX, BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus, DB Connection, Custom Protocols, and more) and specific protocols with high compatibility and scalability.
Detects comprehensive information and supports a wide variety of I/O information, including electricity information, air-conditioning system information, weather information, human detection information, and field control information.
Supports remote monitoring to save manual meter reading time. Besides electricity meters, the system collects, processes, and stores the information of a variety of metering devices, such as water meters, gas meters, oil meters, steam meters, and more.
Indicates energy consumption at different periods through energy consumption analysis for users to trace energy cost. Analyzes energy consumption per capita and per unit for enterprises to fully capture energy consumption and thereby improve energy management.
Produces and delivers management reports at user-defined intervals.
Detects and reports anomalies in real time and handles abnormal energy consumption or equipment anomalies to stop its expansion.
Integrates energy monitoring of multiple plant sites and multiple buildings on one single platform to facilitate online monitoring and management from enterprise headquarters.
Supports common web browsers and handheld devices for ubiquitous capturing of the latest energy consumption information.

Malls, hospitals, public spaces, factory buildings, office buildings, school buildings, government buildings, and more.


Delta Energy Online Dashboard (Digital Signage)

Animated Energy Information

Delta Energy Online Dashboard is an extension of the system. It was built for general users, for example residents or employees. The design principle was to provide a easier look-and-feel and animation-like UI. It can be used in education and energy saving result update purpose, That make all people participating in energy saving campaign.

Energy Group:
— Divide energy usage in defined groups in order to present ratios of different energy categories.

Power Usage:
— Building Real-time Energy
— Historical Energy Usage, including daily, weekly, monthly
— Ratios of defined energy groups
— Energy consumption comparison of different times (e.x. month-tomonth)

— Date and time
— Weather Information
— Logo
— Advertisements

High Accessibility & Friendliness of UIs

Manage Energy Anytime, Anyplace

To provide users a convenient and friendly user interface, Delta Energy Online is developed by web technologies.

Users can use computers, laptops or mobile devices to logon the system very easily.

Delta Energy Online System Structure