Comfortable Air Conditioning for Pleasant Shopping

Malls and shopping centers are comprised of large spaces where the number of shoppers changes drastically. The design of a shopping area’s air ventilation system and air conditioning system must consider comfort sensation, health, management automation, and energy savings.

The intelligent control system embedded in the mall air-conditioning energy saving module meets all three demands at the same time. Based on fuzzy inference, when the module is activated the system calculates the optimal energy saving path between the present status and comfort sensation and automatically controls real-time environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, and AHU operation information such as temperature setting, temperature sensing value, and chiller value flow, to ensure the optimal shopping environment at all times.

Detects indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity for timely adjustment of temperature settings for a comfortable indoor temperature.
Implements intelligent FCU control to adjust fan speed based on real-time field temperature and targets a comfortable temperature for energy savings.
Detects indoor CO2 concentration to let fresh air in at appropriate times to improve indoor air quality.
Operates with a personnel schedule default function to realize automatic management and energy savings.